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Look at that Angel...

Perfectly Tainted


P r o f i l e

Me-> Kimberly, 33, city girl (NY) now living in a country world (TN), love: my family - my animals - my friends - vacations - seeing new places - taking pictures - meeting new people - reading - animals (in general) - hiking - nature - rock music (current and classic) - and so much more! Not much else to say... I am me, and no one else. Accept that, or move along. As my saying goes - I am sorry I'm not who you want me to be... But I WON'T apologize for being ME.

TV: Current-> Arrow, The Walking Dead, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Teen Wolf, Suits, Scandal, The Voice, Sleepy Hollow, The Originals, The Blacklist, Past-> (Canceled/Ended) The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Fringe, Human Target, Legend of the Seeker, Blood Ties, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Alias, Breakout Kings, Dawsons Creek, Dark Angel, The Secret Circle, Torchwood, Merlin, The Lying Game, (Stopped Watching) Grimm, Supernatural, Warehouse 13, Pretty Little Liars, Revolution, Beauty and the Beast, Once Upon a Time, NCIS: Los Angeles, White Collar, (I am sure I have left some off this list as well)

Movies-> Burlesque, The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect, Taken, Twilight Series, The Bourne Trilogy, Cruel Intentions, Dirty Dancing, Underworld, POTC Trilogy, Crybaby, A Cinderella Story, Raise Your Voice, House on Haunted Hill, Constantine, Top Gun, Footloose, Labyrinth, Brokeback Mountain, The Forgotten, The Rock, Pretty Woman, White Chicks, Coyote Ugly, Enough, Catwoman, Gossip, Sheena, Teen Witch, Grease, The Island, Mean Girls, Save The Last Dance, The Crow, Legends of the Fall, Curious George, Step Up, and many more.

Guys-> Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis, Stephen Amell, Channing Tatum, Joshua Jackson, Lucas Black, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Nicholas Cage, Josh Harnett, Will Smith, Ewan McGregar, Chris O’Donnell, Cam Gigandet, Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhaulder, Colin Morgan, Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Daniel Sharman, Girls-> Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Julia Stiles, Milla Jovovich, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Nina Dobrev, Ashley Greene, Katie Cassidy, Emma Watson, Rebel Wilson, and many more!!

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